Dive Meets explained

Before the start of the meet:

Each diver submits a score sheet to the judges. It has the number, written description, position, and degree of difficulty with the number of voluntary and optional dives circled and the order in which the dives will be attempted.

Download Dive Meet Scoring Sheet

During the meet:

  • 10U divers perform 1 required dive and 4 optional dives
  • 11+ divers perform 1 required dive and 5 optional dives

The required groups for each age group are determined by lot by the host team.

  • For 12 and under, the required groups are forward, back, inward or twist.
  • For 13 and older, the required groups are those listed above plus the reverse group.
  • Optional dives can come from any of the five groups; however, no more than two dives (required or optional) may come from the same group.


A judging panel of three judges is positioned on one or both sides of the diving board with an unobstructed view of all diving competition. The host team will provides two of the three judges; the visiting team is responsible for providing one judge.