Do you like to fly, twist, flip, laugh and eat?? Then Dive Team is for you!

At West Side we are welcoming to all divers at all levels. The more the merrier is our philosophy, but we do have a few guidelines to follow. We love to encourage all kids to learn enough dives to be at a competition level, which means 6 dives for 11-18 year-olds  and 5 for our youngest age group (10 and under). Diving is just as much a physical sport as is it mental and we understand that each diver is different and competitions may not be something they are ready for yet. That being said, we offer two levels on dive team (Competition Team and Practice Team). The kids will all practice together, but in order to compete a diver must have enough dives based on their age group. If they are not ready, they will practice until they are or simply be on our practice team. Practice only members do have an opportunity to dive exhibition, which simply means they can compete with as many dives as they have. This opportunity is only available when we host home meets. When we travel to other pools we will not bring along exhibition divers.  If a diver wants to compete in All-City they must compete in at least 3 meets to be eligible (exhibition participation does not count towards their 3 meet requirement).

Want to join Dive Team? Divers don’t need to use TeamUnify anymore to sign up! (Sorry swim team, you still need to!) Simply go to Manage Account to register and pay for dive team.

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Dive Meet Scoring

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