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CLTS Program

We are proud to announce that the West Side Swim Club has partnered with the CLTS Waiver program to help bring children of all abilities to the joy of swimming. The CTLS program and West Side Swim Club can help you and your family have a fun place to enjoy the summer, improve socialization and swim skills through group lesson, enjoy the competition and comradery of  being part of the Swim Team and competing to their ability.

Contact your case manager today or inquire with the pool at info@westsideswimclub.com.

General membership to the pool 

General membership to the pool is a great opportunity for participants and family members to socialize and be part of the larger community at West Side Swim Club. At West Side we welcome people of all abilities, skill sets and beliefs. The general membership includes access to all functions the pool has including group swim lessons, event nights (noodle night/slack line/etc.) and pool parties. If your family has one person in the waiver program you could be eligible to receive a couple membership (caregiver and participant) but also we offer, and recommend to expand to a family membership so the whole family can use the facility (you just cover the cost difference), if multiple family members are in the waiver program a family membership is available.

  • Access for registered members
  • 9 weeks of group swim lessons (30min M-F) (3 – 3 week sessions)
  • Special event nights
  • Pool Parties at no cost
  • Grills available for use (Bring your own food and beverage to enjoy while at the pool)
  • Ability for caregivers to bring the child to the pool

Swim team (requires membership)

We pride ourselves in having a swim team that is about being part of the team and doing the best you can. In 2021 we had two participants on the team that competed in the unified events for individuals with varying abilities and the whole team and spectators cheered them on during their event. Even though they had a different event they practiced with their team mates growing that community and skill set. (Must be able to swim 25M)

  • Daily Practice
  • Inclusion in All Meets
  • Unified Events (25M) or Standard Events
  • Limited Availability

Group Swim Lessons Assistant (requires membership)

Group lessons are included with the general membership and we believe this is a great way to learn and be part of the community. If your participant needs additional assistance in the water an additional lifeguard can be added to the class to assist.

  • If the student needs additional support for the group lessons 
  • Limited Availability and Times

Private Swim Lessons (requires membership)

Need 1 on 1 support? We will pair you with one of our red cross certified guards to find a time that works for you to do private lessons.

  • 1:1 Time
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • Will need to schedule a custom time with staff.
  • Limited Availability and Times

Thank you to our sponsors!