Thank you for spending an introductory summer at West Side! We love our pool and hope you had a great time swimming and enjoying all of the activities and parties.

Ready to join West Side and spend more summers with us? It’s simple. All members pay an initiation fee (this is similar to other pools in Madison; some have a stock fee) of $300. You can pay the $300 in full* or pay in installments (e.g. $100 over the next three years).

You can pay online via credit card or send in a check.

West Side Swim Club
Attn: Membership Secretary
PO Box 44004
Madison, WI 53744-4004

* For 2018 intro members we are offering new members who pay in full before the new year 15 extra guest passes for the next three summers (2019, 2020, 2021). If you pay in installments and pay $100 before the new year you will receive five extra guest passes for each of the next three summers.

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