Safety is our top priority, and we adhere to the recommendations of the American Red Cross. Here are some key policies to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Walk, Don’t Run: Please walk at all times within the facility.
  • No Horseplay: This includes activities like having another guest on your shoulders.
  • No Arm Floats: Arm floats do not provide adequate support and are not allowed.
  • No Glass Containers: For safety reasons, glass containers are not permitted in the facility.


Our staff and lifeguards are here to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. Please remember:

  • No Interruptions: Lifeguards should not be engaged in conversations while on duty.
  • Follow Instructions: Always follow the instructions given by the lifeguards. If you have concerns, address them with the front desk staff or pool manager, not the lifeguard.


  • Front Desk Check-In: All members must check in at the front desk.
  • Children Supervision: Children under 8 and those unable to swim alone must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 15 or older.

Active Supervision of Children is Required

  • Non-Swimmers: If a child cannot swim across the pool unassisted, a parent or caregiver must be in the pool, within arm’s reach of the child.
  • No Flotation Devices: Non-swimming children cannot use flotation devices.
  • Pool Toys: Soft cloth/sponge balls and dive toys are welcome if used responsibly and without disturbing others.


We love for you to share West Side with guest!

  • Guest Credits: Members receive 5 free guest credits with additional credits available for purchase.
  • Guest Visits: Guests can visit up to ten times per summer before needing their own membership. You must check in your guests and stay with them during their visit.
  • Inform Guests: Ensure your guests are aware of all pool policies.


  • Chairs: Use chairs for lounging and storing belongings. Reserve only the number of chairs you need and avoid dragging them to prolong their lifespan.


  • Available Throughout: Wifi is available in the pool area. Be mindful of bandwidth usage and ensure internet use is family-friendly.

Kiddie Pool Usage

Adult Swim

  • Adult Swim: Held every hour for 15 minutes. During this time, only adults (18+) are allowed in the main pools, while children can use the Kiddie Pool.

Severe Weather

  • Weather Protocol: All pools and decks will be cleared during thunder or lightning. Members must seek shelter in locker rooms or vehicles until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning.

Swim Diaper Policy

Reusable Swim Diapers: Required for children not fully toilet trained. Disposable diapers and Huggies Little Swimmers are not allowed. Reusable diapers can be purchased from us or online, with Splash About Happy Nappys! are recommended.

Special Events

  • Events Calendar: Check the Pool Calendar for special events scheduled throughout the season.

Refund Policy

  • Membership Refunds: Refunds are available for membership fees under certain conditions and are subject to a $100 processing fee.
  • Non-Refundable Fees: Credit card processing fees and program fees (e.g., Swim/Dive/Water Ballet) are non-refundable.
  • Refund Conditions:
    • No refunds after the first day of lessons.
    • Refunds requested within one week of opening day up to the first day of lessons will incur a $200 cancellation fee for family memberships and $150 for other types. These cancellation fees have the processing fee included.
    • Moving more than 30 miles away allows for a prorated refund minus a $200 cancellation fee.