Welcome to West Side!

West Side Swim Club, along with the All-City Swim and Dive League, are dedicated to promoting a swimming and diving environment where all swimmers and families feel valued, safe, and able to thrive. We welcome anyone to our pool, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, or sexual orientation.

Summertime is a great time at West Side Swim Club! Swimming is a wonderful way for the whole family to stay in shape. And if your kids don’t know how to swim – we’ll help fix that! We offer free swim lessons for kids and adults as part of your annual dues.

Be sure to check the calendar out for all the new activities at West Side: Log Rolling, Slack Lining, Noodle Nights and Movie Nights 

New members – check out our special rates and save up to $100 on Registration


Do you have Questions About the Pool?
 Contact Peggy Weller, our membership secretary, at WSSCMembership@gmail.com or  608-848-6931